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We’ve got an alternative to just walking away. Many homeowners are voluntarily foreclosing (called strategic default) or involuntarily foreclosing (economic default). 

With the uncontrollable amount of individuals facing foreclosure, our unique company, Mortgage Relief Options Inc. has stepped up for those in need of relief from outstanding mortgage payments, overwhelming debt, stress and all things associated with paying a mortgage you no longer want or simply cannot afford or a house you no longer wish to maintain. 

We take over your mortgage move on. We offer immediate Mortgage Relief and financial stress relief related to an unwanted or unmanageable mortgage payment and home.

Mortgage Relief Options  Inc. has developed a process, unique to the industry where homeowners are offered immediate mortgage relief. In almost every case we can successfully take over the home and mortgage payments (even on an upside down mortgage or underwater mortgage). We have tenant BUYERS on our lease purchase waiting list (not renters) ready to move into the many homes that we take over with the ultimate goal of purchasing at the end of their term.

In addition we also have the option and ability to negotiate with your lender and buy the mortgage note (not a short sale) from your lender or mortgage company at a negotiated marketable price. We can then sell to our Lease Purchase client currently in the home or to any buyer on the market.

The bottom line is while your home is waiting to be sold but can't be sold right away (upside down, no equity) we get the mortgage paid, take care of maintenance, etc. until we can sell and get the mortgage paid off. Can or will your realtor do that for you? 

Click below to read more about what we can do for you: 

We've grown exponentially in the last sixteen years and are extending our reach to help new clients in need. If you're thinking of walking away from your property for whatever reason, there is a way to do it to minimize any more loss. 

Let us take over your mortgage payments and home and we'll save you from possible foreclosure, debt, deficiency judgments and garnishment of wages problems...and oh yes, the financial strain of paying a mortgage that you cannot or do not want to afford. 

If you are close to walking away from your home and you have tried everything else and your resources are running out, Mortgage Relief Solutions can help. Mortgage Relief Solutions will take over your existing mortgage payments and property no matter the amount owed to lenders. 

Even an upside down mortgage/underwater home or over financed or over mortgaged home where you owe more than what the property is worth. Despite the fears and stigmas many homeowners are facing, Mortgage Relief Options is here to help.

Now if you are still thinking of just walking away and letting the lender/bank foreclose, well again consider this:
***Banks and Lenders have a new direction in 2017 and beyond: 
Lenders will enlist debt collection agencies to aggressively go after homeowners who walk away from their underwater mortgages and foreclose. Now lenders will move to ensure a borrower’s credit remains impaired for a decade or more, should they walk away and foreclose. 

Again a foreclosure will severely damage your credit rating for at least five to seven years or more. And voluntarily giving the bank a "deed in lieu of foreclosure" is essentially the same as a foreclosure on your credit rating. So there is no free lunch when you "walk away" from a mortgage. Our alternative is better and it works. See what to do instead of just walking away from your property, walk away the right way. See take over my house and take over my payments.

Read This: The Wisdom of Walking Away From Your Mortgage. Make your default "Strategic"...not disastrous.

Remember, lenders are exercising their rights to pursue unpaid mortgage balances. To get their money, they can seize wages, tap your IRA and bank savings accounts and put liens on other assets held by you.

Read about what banks and lenders say they will do ---> News Articles about Walking Away

They have systems in place to catch you...if you walk away and continue to pay other debts.

So...still thinking about just walking away (Strategic Default) and not paying your mortgage? Lenders, banks and mortgage companies know when you might be a strategic defaulter and you try to walk away without paying your mortgage! They check to see if you are paying other non mortgage debts! Our Mortgage Relief Program pays your monthly mortgage payments, you move on , the bank is happy, everybody wins.

Strategic default is not a new phenomenon, but it has become more common in recent years as homeowners continue to find their way out of the economic recession. Faced with negative equity and a slumping housing market, many borrowers are choosing to cease paying their mortgages while staying current on non mortgage debts. Meanwhile, lenders are trying to identify strategic defaulters in order to set effective strategies. 

Don't take our word for it read this below!:

It may be in your best interest to at least look at our ---> Mortgage Relief Program for Strategic Defaults or walking away from your property the best way possible with the least consequences.

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