The Mortgage Relief Program

We take over your mortgage payment and house...You move on.

We have grown exponentially in the last fourteen years and are extending our reach to help new clients in need. If you're thinking of walking away from your property for whatever reason, there is a way to do it to minimize any more loss. Let us take over your mortgage payments and home and we'll save you from possible foreclosure, debt, deficiency judgments and garnishment of wages problems...and oh yes, the financial strain of paying a mortgage that you cannot or do not want to afford. 

If you are close to walking away from your home and you have tried everything else and your resources are running out, Mortgage Relief Solutions can help. Mortgage Relief Solutions will take over your existing mortgage payments and property no matter the amount owed to lenders. Even an upside down mortgage/underwater home or over financed or over mortgaged home where you owe more than what the property is worth. Despite the fears and stigmas many homeowners are facing, Mortgage Relief Solutions is here to help.
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